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Buy fashion, jewellery, handicrafts, art online -
Buy fashion, jewellery, handicrafts, art online -
Buy fashion, jewellery, handicrafts, art online -

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Fashionventuresportal (FV) Seller FAQs


Dear Sellers of, 

 We appreciate the passion with which you do your business. We are proud to be associated with you as you are the torchbearers of Indian handmade products, artworks and fashion. We pledge to be by the side of you and explore with you the world market. We welcome you to - your World Shop.

Here are some of your questions answered.If you have any further questions please feel free to ask us.

1. How to price your product?

Pricing is the most important part of your selling. If you do not price it properly you will have less sales. Email us at to know how to calculate your prices. Or call us at 09830339521. Our pricing experts will be happy to help you.


2. How do I set up my shop?


You have to register your shop first

From here

We will send you a contract and approval

(This will take 24 hrs from the time of your  application - since we provide international services )

After that You can upload your products

call us at 09830339521


2. My Payment- When will I get it? 

You will receive payments for your sales within 15 days of shipping the products. That is the time it takes us to process buyers payments and send it to you. For any payment related query send email to . If you are a new seller, your first payment can take upto 30 days since we need that time to setup your account for electronic payments.

3. What promotional and marketing services do you offer?

We offer you quite a bit actually. We have been in the fashion and handmade industry now for almost a quarter of a century (24 and a half  years to be precise). We are publishing catalogues, mailers, brochures and promoting Indian art and fashion industry in India, USA,UAE and Europe.

Through this long association with the handmade and fashion industry we have developed a steady bond with buyers all over the globe (18 different countries). We will promote your brand individually and collectively to all of them. And there is more…Call us at 09830339521 or email us at to get a detailed update as to how we can help your domestic and global marketing



5.  How can you provide such personalized service-that no other selling portals can give at this rate?

Oh that is simple to answer. We include only a limited number of sellers. Actually we are a little up nosed while choosing our sellers-we want the site to feature the best of Indian handmade creativity. This is doubly beneficial. We provide the buyers with the best products. We can provide extra customized service to our family of sellers. We believe less is more. Less quantity is more Quality. Popular research suggests- we as an online selling site should join the mad race of getting as many products and sellers under our banner as possible. But we beg to be differ.


8. I have received an international order. How do I ship? 

>> For international orders, currently we provide bundling services to our sellers. Which means for international orders only you need to send the products to our Fashionventuresportal office in Kolkata 19/9 WIBM, Golf Green, Phase II, Kolkata 700098. 

9. Do I need to invoice the customer?

>> Yes, invoicing to customer and any taxation related to either domestic or international sale is strictly your responsibility. Always remember you are selling directly to buyers. is a platform to connect you to the buyers.

8. Do you provide support in uploading the products? 

>> Yes, we have a designer team that will be ready to help you with your uploads.

9. How do I login to my vendor panel? 

>> Please login to your vendor panel here  with your User id and password.


10. How will I know if I received any order? 

>> We send you instant email and sms for any order received by you. We will also call you to let you know.

11. How do I update tracking details of the shipment? 

>> You don't have to- unless you are managing your own shipments. We take care of the shipments for you and keep the buyer updated.

12. Do I need to sign any physical agreement? 

>> No, We will email you the agreement. Please go though it thoroughly and make sure you understand what it says. If you have any doubts about what something means please feel absolutely free to call us at 09830339521. We have a lot of friendly people who will love to answer any questions from you.  

13.  I have forgotten my vendor panel password. How do I reset it? 

>> Please send email to to reset your password. 

14. I have more questions-whom should I ask?

Great, don’t hesitate to ask. Call us at 09830339521. Or email your questions to

We will be happy to help.

Always remember, dear seller, we will always be by the side of you and are always ready to help you with all your queries. We can also provide you with expert guidance, or connect you to the right people who will help you anytime always in conducting your business.

Empower your business with and 

enjoy selling to the world.


Your Sell Team – Your World Shop