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Stevia Plant is a gift from nature, use it to make a perfect cup of green tea and no need to add sugar -as the leaves have a nature gifted sweetening property. Natures magical sweet green tea that has zero calorie and is particularly a gift from nature to people with diabetes or those who wish to keep their weight in control

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Stevia Green Tea 30 Gms

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  • Stevia : Dry Leaves
  • Quantity: 3 packs
  • Per pack : 10 grams
  • Natural: 100%
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Stevia is a small perennial herb belonging to the Asteraceae family, in the genus Stevia. Its scientific name is Stevia rebaudiana. Stevia plant has many sterols and antioxidant compounds like triterpenes, flavonoids, and tanninsStevia extract has been in use by native South Americans to reduce weight; to treat wound infections, inflammatory conditions, swelling in the legs and as a tonic to treat depression. Farm fresh stevia plant leaves can be used directly in drinks as sweetener. However, most often its dried powder/ refined stevioside/ stevia syrup are being used in the cooking.

Remember to use dried stevia sugar in small proportions, as it is nearly 30 times sweeter than cane sugar. Roughly, one teaspoonful of dried leaves powder is equivalent to one cup of sugar; therefore, use it in small quantities adjusting the amount to achieve your desired levels of sweetness.

To store, place it in cool, dark, humid free place like the one you do it for other dried herbs such as oregano, where it will stay fresh for several months. Further, stevia has many natural anti-oxidants that help lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and control diabetes.

Stevia can be safely used in pregnancy and in infants.




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