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Bondona Lohar a village artist who has self learnt the art of colour coordination by closely observing nature-and this is best seen in her patchwork and run stitch works she does from home.Beautifully designed bags, stoles and cushion covers -each depicting a story of her village life-that is so literally down to earth and vibrant. Our team of curators were really impressed bu the quality of her work , sense of colour co ordination and the total visual appeal of the products she makes.HERE YOU CAN BUY DIRECTLY FROM HER.

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Nakshi Kantha Patch work Shawl

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  • Material: Cotton
  • Size: 2.5 metres by 90 cm
  • Weight : 800 GMS
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Nakshi Kantha is the famous embroidery of the state of West Bengal, India. Kantha evolved out of necessity to drape or protect against cold. Kontha in Sanskrit means rags. It can rightly be called the recycling art. 

The real Kantha narrates a story, the emotions and the life of the artist. Kantha is similar to the decorative running stitch of Japanese sashiko quilting. The entire cloth is covered with running stitches, employing beautiful motifs of folk art, gods and goddesses, flowers, animals, birds and geometrical shapes, as well as themes from everyday activities; that means it can be anything the worker can relate to. The stitching on the cloth gives it a slight wrinkled, wavy effect.



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